Annemariescholten website

Yogadocent & Ontspanningstherapeut



The client

Annemarie is a yoga teacher & relaxation therapist. She uses body-oriented techniques that create the opportunity to convey deep relaxation. She offers weekly yoga lessons and relaxation therapy for her local clients and has a big passion for her work. I loved to work on this project.

The goal

Annemarie’s first website was old, not secure, not viewable on mobile and very hard to make changes to. She needed to go into the code files herself to change the text on the website, so this needed to change. We also took this opportunity to redesign the website and give it a clean and relaxing look.



The result was a clean and breathing website that was responsive. I achieved this result by using light colours, lot’s of whitespace and beautiful imagery. In this way the visitor can already experience a bit of what it’s like to experience Annemarie’s services.

Yoga Explained


Yoga is becoming more popular these days, but there is a still a lot of misconceptions about it. That’s why we decided to dedicate a whole section on the WHY of yoga. In this way the curious ones can get a better understanding of what they might experience.

Subtle advertising


This website is far from a commercially driven website, but the new service (relaxation therapy) needed more awareness since it was a new service. That’s why I created a separate section on the yoga page to get people interested in the new service. Doesn’t look like and feel a commercial, but it sure does draw attention.